The Circus of Stolen Dreams

6 Fun ARC Facts about The Circus of Stolen Dreams!

We are 6 months out from this book baby’s book birthday, and I am delighted to share a closer look at the ARC for THE CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS.

Here’s a short pitch for the story:

Andrea enters Reverie, a circus built of dreams, to escape the pain of her brother’s disappearance. When she discovers he may be trapped inside, she must outsmart Reverie’s ringmaster or be lost in the nightmare forever.

And here is the beautiful ARC! The cover art by Matt Saunders and the design is by Samira Iravani.

Okay…on to 6 fun facts! Even though I love the whole entire thing, these are a few details that really stood out to me as elements that I love about the ARC of my debut.


The chapter openers! At the beginning of the story, the branches are full of leaves…but as things get more harrowing for our characters, the leaves slowly disappear until we’re left with skeletal branches right at the most intense part of the book! I’ll leave it to the readers to find what they look like at the story’s end. But this is such a thoughtful detail to include that I was just delighted to discover!


The girl on the cover is modeled after my oldest child! I didn’t send along a picture or anything, but the description of Andrea in the book, and the description I sent in to Philomel match what I think Felicity will look like in just a few short years.



The tiny top hat on the door of the clock! Do you see it? That top hat will be a wonderful little reward for those who read the story.



The face of the clock. Notice it doesn’t have hours like a regular clock??? The clock is divided into Dreaming and Awake. There’s a good reason for that, which you’ll learn inside the pages of The Circus of Stolen Dreams!



The scale. I just love how the girl on the cover is dwarfed by the scale of the clock and the circus tents. It really sets the tone for the immersive magical, larger-than-life world she is about to enter.



The flyer to the circus. You guys…here is a side-by-side of a sketch I drew of the flyer and the flyer as it appears in the ARC of my book. Now…no one except a few friends have ever seen my little sketch until now. I drew it while sitting in an airport shortly after I found out I was going to be mentored in Pitch Wars, and as I started brainstorming what would become the outline for the book. I was both stunned and excited to see how similar this beautiful, artistically rendered version of the flyer is, and that it was included inside the pages. Made my writer heart melt.


And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this little peek at 6 of my favorite parts of my ARC to celebrate that we’re now only 6 months from publication!


And you can add it to Goodreads here.