Join The EDGE Street Team!

Hello friends!

I turned in a draft of my 3rd novel, THE NIGHT TRAIN to my editor mid-December, and am now shifting gears- turning my eye toward marketing for my upcoming magical Secret Garden retelling, THE EDGE OF IN BETWEEN!

That’s where this blog post comes in. Applications are now open for the #EDGEStreetTeam, and I hope you’ll join us!

What’s a Street Team?

If this is the first time you’re hearing abut a Street Team, you aren’t alone! I learned about this only last year, and am so excited to try it for my next book. In short, a Street Team is a group of people who are excited about an upcoming title, and who work together to help spread the word! As a thanks, the author offers incentives and works to build a fun, engaging community for those who would like to help.

How It’ll Work

Signing up is so easy- just fill out the simple form attached here. I’ll be in touch on a rolling basis beginning January 15th to let people know they’re in!

As soon as you’re accepted, you’ll get access to an e-galley of THE EDGE OF IN BETWEEN, which means you’ll be among the first people ever to read it. My hope is that Street Team members will be able to finish the book by mid-February, when we officially launch all the fun!

This is a no pressure, participate as much as you’re able Street Team, meant for community and fun and helping spread the word about a story that I’m so excited to share with the world.

Street Team Members also get:

– All pre-order incentives, including signed bookmark, bookplate, and stickers for you to keep as well as several to share!

– Exclusive Slack channel for ongoing chat, ideas, and general excitement! I’ll also post the weekly challenges on there, and it’ll be our primary hangout place between now and launch.

– Street Team virtual launch party via Zoom (Feb 24)

– Book Launch Week virtual celebration/thank you party (April 22)

– Acknowledgment in my next novel, THE NIGHT TRAIN

Your welcome packet will incluse several easy ways to help spread the word about this story that you can start doing as soon as the team officially launches. There will also be 10 weekly challenges leading up to and around the launch designed to help spread the word about THE EDGE OF IN BETWEEN. Anyone who chooses to participate in a weekly challenge will be eligible for the weekly drawing for additional incentives!

Additional incentives may include things like:

– Signed, personalized copies of THE CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS or THE EDGE OF IN BETWEEN

– Virtual author visit (for teachers) or critiques (for writers)

– Gift cards to my bookshop, The Butterfly Bookshop

– Get a character named after you in my next novel, THE NIGHT TRAIN

– Branded/themed swag

And that’s about it! Please feel free to email or DM me on social media if you have any questions at all. 

Basically, if you’ve been excited about this book and are interested in helping get the word out there through this community, I’d love to have you on the EDGE STREET TEAM. 

– Lorelei