Now Booking Author Visits for This Fall!

I can’t even explain how wonderful it was to be in schools doing author visits this spring! Since The Edge of In Between came out in April, I was able to visit 18 schools either virtually or in person, and it was one of the busiest, most wonderful months of my life as an author so far.

The feedback I received from these visits was incredibly enthusiastic, and I’m looking forward to continuing to inspire students this fall.

My schedule for the spring filled up very, very quickly, so please feel free to send over an email if you’d like to learn more about hosting me for an author visit at your school or your child’s school this upcoming school year!

Additional information can also be found here. If the visit fees or any other factor might pose an issue, please still reach out. I do all I can to make visits work for the schools I partner with.

Hope to hear from you soon!