For Writers

This is by no means a comprehensive list of resources, but these might be some good places to start! These are all things I’ve found helpful along the way. I hope they help you too. ❤


For Those Preparing to Query

Query Shark

The Complete Guide to Query Letters

Examples of Query Letters

How to Write a Query Letter (Video)

Mentoring Programs

Pitch Wars (I was a mentee in 2018!)

Author Mentor Match (I mentored R7 and R8!)



Be Your Own Mentor

Word Count Guidelines

Word Count Guide for Novels and Children’s Books

On Plotting

Guide to Plotting Based on Theme


Take Off Your Pants!

Story Engineering

Story Genius

Helpful Websites and Videos for Aspiring Authors

Alexa Donne’s YouTube Channel


Mindy McGinnis’s blog

Catherine Bakewell’s blog