The Circus of Stolen Dreams

I ask the Sandman,

To take me away.

To a land of dreams,

In which I can play.

Andrea’s heart has been broken since the day her brother went missing.

When she’s offered the chance to enter Reverie, a circus built with children’s dreams, it seems like the perfect chance to escape.

But after finding her brother’s recurring nightmare in one of the tents, Andrea realizes Reverie is no escape. It’s a trap.

What happens when you stay too long in a nightmare? Who really is the sinister Sandman? And can she find her brother before it’s too late?

For readers 10+.
And for those who dream of being brave.

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Digital Curriculum for The Circus of Stolen Dreams:

The brand new, FULL unit of study for THE CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS is available now! Find it under the “For Teachers” tab. Free to download and use with your students.

Spotify Playlist:

I created a Spotify playlist from the list of songs that inspired me as I wrote this story. It loosely follows Andrea’s journey through Reverie’s Land of Dreams!

Circus Inspired Recipes:

Feeling inspired to make some CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS recipes? Here’s a Pinterest board filled with Circusy snack ideas!

Book Club Discussion Guide:

I also wanted to create a resource to help you discuss THE CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS with your friends, and so I present to you this BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION GUIDE! Feel free to use this as a springboard to discuss the story.

Inspiration Board:

Here’s a Pinterest board that I used to inspire me as I came up with the idea for this story, all the way through final revisions!

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